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Shady Grounds. What's in a Name?

Julia and I started Shady Grounds Coffee as a way to pursue our own path. To satisfy that always calling entrepreneurial inner voice and create something that was ours. Coffee became the chosen venture. From enjoying our daily coffee, to roasting in a Whirley Pop popcorn maker on our outdoor grill burner, advancing finally to a small batch coffee business on our 3 kg roaster. Coffee was a daily presence and enjoyment that made it easy to decide to plunge headfirst into our roasting venture. But why Shady Grounds Coffee? What's in the name? If you know us personally then you already know the answer. For those just getting to know us, let us explain.

Shady Grounds isn't any reference to producing shade grown coffee or a tree casting its shadow. It is not in any way associated with the negative definition of the word, meaning untrustworthy, suspicious, or of questionable intent. We strive to be transparent about our roasting process and our commitment to our new craft. "Shady", to us, is a positive meaning, a representation of an impactful presence in our personal lives. Shady is the name of our 6 year old Rottweiler. An integral part of our family who we couldn't be luckier to have. His presence is evident on our website with the dog in the logo and his pictures shown throughout. He holds a special place in our family and we are better for having him. We do not label ourselves as a coffee roaster targeting dog lovers as our niche market (although we love dogs and all animals), rather we want Shady Grounds to be a representation of ourselves and what's important to us. We hope our coffee is enjoyable for everyone who values quality and the pursuit of a better cup.

As a company we are in our infancy. We are learning new things and working to get better everyday. We will continue to roll out new single origins and blends as we grow further into this business. We are lucky to have the support of our family and friends, and look forward to all the relationships that will be made along the way. Roasting in Bethlehem, we can't wait for you to get to know us. We hope you give us a try and enjoy our coffee as much as we do. And rest assured, at least coming from us, a "Shady" bag or cup of coffee is a very good thing!

The Brand Ambassador of Shady Grounds

The Whole Gang; Julia, Shady, and Mike

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